Executive Director

Lorraine Montenegro, M.H.S
Executive Director

Lorraine Montenegro has over thirty years of supervisory work experience; twenty-six as Executive Director of United Bronx Parents, Inc.  As the Executive Director of UBP, Lorraine advises, makes recommendations to and assists in formulating policies for the Board of Directors as well as implements Board policies and directives.  Those familiar with her management style are sure to know she is particularly involved in day-to-day activities and in representing the agency (and its programs) to the public.  Owing to her leadership, the Agency has established.

Four Licensed Drug Treatment Programs:

  1. La Casita Residential Treatment/Women with Children.
  2. Medically Supervised Day Treatment.
  3. Medically Supervised Day Treatment for Seniors
  4. La Casita III: The Mix Residential Treatment/Women/Children.

Three Licensed Day Care Centers

  1. UBP Day Care Center # 1
  2. La Casita Child Care Center
  3. La Casita III Child Care Center

Six HIV Service programs

  1. HIV Infected Women & their Families/WSS
  2. AIDS Institute Multi-Service Agency/MSA
  3. COBRA Intensive HIV Case Management
  4. Ryan White Title I Outreach and Education
  5. Transitional Housing for HIV+ ACTIVE Substance Abusers/HOPWA
  6. Ryan White Title II Mental Health

One Article 28 Primary Healthcare Clinic

  1. La Casa De Salud

Five Major Construction Efforts:

  1. La Casita – Treatment for Women with Children
  2. La Casita II – Permanent Homeless Housing
  3. La Casita III – Transitional Treatment & Permanent Housing
  4. La Casita IV – Transitional HIV/Active Drug Abuse Harm Reduction Housing
  5. La Casa de Salud – Article 28 Primary Health Clinic

A native New Yorker, she has lived in the South Bronx all of her life.  Her knowledge of and familiarity with the community has made her a member of many Commissions and Committees ranging from the New York State Governor’s Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Block Grant Advisory Council, The Midwest/Northwest Voter Registration Education Project to the Board of Director’s for El Regreso Foundation, Promesa, and BASICS, both residential treatment program for men in Brooklyn and The Bronx, New York.  She was also a Board member of SOBRO and the President of La Casita II, III, IV, HDFC’s.  Lorraine’s mother, Dr. Evelina Lopez-Antonetty, founded United Bronx Parents, Inc. and until her death in 1984, was the CEO of UBP.  Lorraine received her Masters Degree in Human Services from Lincoln University in 1981.  She is the mother of five children, one of whom has recovered Heroin Addiction.

She has received numerous awards for her efforts on behalf of her community and has the subject of several New York City major network presentations.

Lorraine Montenegro giving New York Governor Mario Cuomo a tour of the local bodega during the opening of La Casita