United Bronx Parents Saves Its Children

“The Bronx wasn’t burning… the Bronx was burnt…” – Joe Conzo Jr.

There is no greater testament to the success of any agencies legacy than the survival and success stories of all those who’ve entered through its doors in its long storied history spanning over four decades, and walked out on the other side a stronger human being.

Lorraine Montenegro has become a leader not only by birth right, being the daughter of Dr. Evelina López Antonetty, but also in her personal fight to save the life of her own son, Joe Conzo Jr.

As Conzo Jr. battled his own demons in the form of drug addiction, Montenegro, the lifelong activist and community savior was introduced firsthand to the fact that these types of issues spare no families in their destructive nature and reach.

No one can ever accuse Montenegro of not understanding the devastating effects of poverty, drug addiction, mental health disorders and the many other issues that have not only plagued her community for decades, but have also provided obstacles for her own family over the years.

While college degrees can polish us and make us better rounded citizens of society, experiencing life at its worst, firsthand, is what gives us the real world experience and insight into challenging and changing the conditions that no human being should have to endure.

Conzo Jr. whom the New York Times called “The Man Who Took Hip Hop’s Baby Pictures,” is proudly featured in a story of triumph while overcoming adversity right here on the UBP Inc. website.

We hope this will become a tradition, and that the many survivors who’ve gone on to find their own success after being lifted up by UBP Inc. will come back and share their own stories with the world.

To submit your United Bronx Parents Inc. success stories please feel free to email us at: ubpstories@ubpinc.org

Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.  ~Author Unknown

United Bronx Parents Incorporated on the Web

Please join us in celebrating the re-launch of the United Bronx Parents Inc. website as this community grown non-profit and social service advocacy group ventures into taking its rightful place amidst the global information superhighway defined as the Internet.

While continually servicing the underserved communities of the South Bronx for over 44 years, UBP Inc. has managed to alter its programs to meet the needs of the ever-changing times under the harshest conditions, in one of the poorest congressional districts in the United States.

It is through the foresight of Dr. Evelina López Antonetty (1922-1984) and her daughter Lorraine Montenegro in partnership with their committed staff that this organization has been able to continuously alter its own programming direction to respond to the greatest needs of the people as times change in their respective communities.

During the harshest economic times this country has seen, UBP Inc. has once again realized that in order to continue to strengthen its own organizations presence to the world, it must be proactive in spreading its message of hope to the over 1 trillion global users on the Internet.

And with over 76% of the North American population now using the Internet as their source of information, news and research to discover new products and companies, UBP Inc. will continue to utilize all technological advances at its disposal to carry the legacy of the agency into the foreseeable future.

To contact United Bronx Parents Incorporated, please feel free to email us at: info@ubpinc.org